Camp Activities

Summer Camp Activities

Clover Patch Camp takes pride in providing appropriate, stimulating, and exciting activities for campers.  Our activities are typical summer camp activities adapted so that each camper is able to participate to the best of their ability.  For some this is as easy as using a piece of adaptive equipment (using a beach ball instead of a real volleyball, for instance).  For others simply listening to music in the breeze is the most that they can participate; and that’s ok with us as long as they are happy.  Our campers have a daily schedule that allows them access to a wide variety of ability-appropriate activities for their creative, physical, and mental development. Whether the camper is 5 or 85 we have something special to share.


Our aquatic staff are all American Red Cross certified lifeguards and CPR for the Healthcare Professional certified.  Our 1:1 swimming program offers direct hands-on support to those campers who need it and a swimming buddy to those campers who are more confident in the water.  The aquatics facility includes a heated swimming pool, spacious sun deck and pavilion all designed to ensure a fun and safe experience for all.

Arts & Crafts

At Clover Patch our campers have a broad range of interests and we have a variety of activity choices to accommodate them.  Campers are encouraged to explore their own creative ideas through diverse activities.  Our Arts & Crafts program encompasses painting, drawing, woodcrafts, fabric art and numerous group projects.

Sports & Outdoor Recreation

Clover Patch’s sports & outdoor recreation program is specifically designed to be age and ability-appropriate, non-competitive, and interest driven. All activities are developed and implemented with an emphasis on good sportsmanship, team spirit and peer encouragement. We have a full range of sporting equipment, courts, playgrounds and fields. Campers are encouraged and assisted to participate in these sports to the extent of their capabilities including baseball/t-ball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, ping pong, badminton, parachute games, miniature golf and bowling.

Music & Drama

Our music program provides campers with the opportunity to express themselves through music, dance, role-playing, drumming and the playing of various musical instruments. Each session puts on a talent show where the campers and staff can show off their skills, humor or acting ability.

Campfires, Storytelling & Camp Songs

Each session begins and ends with a special campfire ceremony during which we anticipate fun and celebrate each individual, friends made and memories cherished.  

Nature Study

The woods and streams surrounding camp are alive with opportunities for outdoor learning experiences. Clover Patch has numerous trails through our 150 acres to suit all ability levels.  Many are paved and offer views of our wildlife and forests.  During the summer our staff lead many activities through the woods along with posts that describe different species of trees and other nature elements of our land.


Clover Patch offers several areas with accessible playgrounds and swings for all abilities, including our custom wheelchair swing. 

Activities at a Glance