Camper Spotlight

Paula has been attending Clover Patch Camp since she was 5 years old.  This summer she will celebrate her 46th consecutive camping season.  Paula’s camp experience can best be described by her mother Roberta. 


It’s camp time!! Paula gets very excited when she sees the application for Clover Patch Camp.  Paula looks forward eagerly to her week at camp.  Clover Patch Camp is the second best thing in Paula’s life next to Christmas.  She gets her trunk and sleeping bag out and tries to pack it immediately.  Paula does not understand the concept of time but she knows camp is in July and she turns the pages of the calendar to July (in March) to speed it up.  I have to turn the months back and sign “wait”. 

Paula loves to join in all the activities at camp – playing basketball, miniature golf, crafts and especially swimming.  She enjoys the special swings that provide safety in their construction.  Hammocks are great fun if you can find one empty.  She really enjoys being with other campers.

The staff and counselors are fun to work with.  They are always so helpful and understanding making a special effort to learn sign language.  Camp has always been a great, fun experience for Paula.  She’s been attending since she was 5 years old and hasn’t missed a year.  At Clover Patch Camp Paula and the other campers are not “disabled”.  They are just one of the gang.